No Escape – Approaching the Finish Line

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It’s been awhile since I’ve given my little blog some love and attention, but the radio silence is for a good reason, I swear!

I am THIS close to finishing No Escape (Book Two in the Book of Eve’s Series). The current plan is to send it off for a final copy edit towards the middle of the month. So, barring any major delays, we’ve finally got a release date — an official, honest to goodness release date!

No Escape will be available in ebook format on November 24th, 2016.

Excited? I sure as hell am.

There’s no doubt that this book brought many challenges, most of which I put upon myself. It’s way bigger than the first, coming in at well over 100,000 words (Eve’s Return is a hair under 80,000), with three story lines, new characters, and a ton of action.

I sincerely hope you will enjoy reading it!

To celebrate No Escape’s impending release, I’ve started publishing Eve’s Return on Wattpad. I’ve been drawn towards the platform for awhile now, curious to see for myself what the community is like. So far, I’m really digging how easy it is to discover other authors, and read their work (not to mention the immediate feedback you can get from readers).

I’m also really excited about what I’ll be working on next. Many of you who follow me on Facebook or Instagram have had a bit of a sneak peek.


I’m working on a 6 short stories that are based on events that take place prior to Eve’s Return. For those of you who like historical settings with elements of dark/urban fantasy mixed in (or if you just really like the character, Levi) then these stories are going to be right up your alley.

While I’m still working on release dates for those stories, they will be made available on Wattpad and my blog — so stay tuned for more info in 2017!

In thanks for your patience and wonderful words of encouragement over the past few years, here’s another teaser from No Escape (because let’s be honest, I’m nothing without your support!).


Owen couldn’t remember how he got to the cemetery, but he was certain of two things: the wooden park bench he sat on was making his back stiff, and his ass numb.

I guess I’ve been here for a while, he thought to himself. At least the view is familiar. Over the past month he had been coming here, sitting on the same bench, and trying to sort through his thoughts.

He gazed across the pond in front of him, which was surrounded by weeping willows. He watched the cool breeze tease the lowest willow branches until their tips dipped into the water. Tiny ripples rolled out over the pond’s surface.

It was the only disturbance in the otherwise calm afternoon.

Owen still couldn’t remember how he got there.

He stretched out his legs and dug into his pocket for his cellphone, hoping it knew something he didn’t. Technology, don’t fail me now, he thought.

His fingers curled around a large coin instead.

Movement out over the water caught his attention. Owen let the coin drop back into his pocket. How did I miss that?

A couple in a paddleboat turned lazy circles in the middle of the pond.

He had never seen anyone out on the water before. Where’d they come from? “Scratch that,” he said aloud. He shook his head. “Better question. What is up with me and my brain today?”

The woman in the boat tossed her long, blonde hair over her shoulder.

All thought fled from his mind.

“Madison?” he whispered, slowly getting to his feet.

The boat turned, and for a moment he forgot to breathe. It was her.

He watched his sister grin like a fool at the man beside her . . . with auburn hair. “Parker?” Owen whispered. His eyes filled with tears.

Something didn’t feel quite right. He blinked twice, rubbed his eyes and took another look.

He wasn’t seeing things. It was really them . . .

 As always, thanks for reading! <3

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