Good Bye 2016, Hello 2017!

These last few weeks have gone by in a blur. I've been busy trying to wrap up work projects and writing projects, and feel just about ready to celebrate with a hot toddy (or two). I've got a lot of fun things planned for 2017 like the release of the paperback version of No Escape, new free content, and even a ...

Jämtland, Härjedalen, Linsell, Härjedalen, Miljöer-Fjällmiljö

Motivational Monday: Advice on Life

A few months ago, I came across this video. It's Jim Carrey's commencement speech to Maharishi University. While the entire video is worth watching, the bit that impacted me the most starts around the 10:00 mark. If you're looking for the Coles Notes version, here's my favourite quote: "I learned many great lessons from ...

20140901 03 Schloss Ehrenbreitstein (79)

Places as Characters Part III: Schloss Ehrenbreitstein

During my vacation at the end of last summer, I visited several places that I intended to use as inspiration for a prison, one of the main locations in No Escape, Book 2 in The Book of Eve Series. Today marks the third and final installment, but if you wanted to read the other posts, you can find them here: Part I: Coudenberg ...